A Short Introduction To Skirtingboards

The name ‘skirtingboards’ comes from the British language. The American people called them ‘baseboards’. It’s also known as ‘kick boards’, ‘mop boards’, or ‘floor moulding’.

What does it mean by skirting boards?

Generally, these refer to the wooden panels or planks that are placed along the walls, either by nailing, gluing, or screwing onto them. The height of the skirting board rises off the ground from 2 to 5 inches. Though these boards are made of wood, you may see some boards that are made of PVC, plastic or other flexible materials. These boards can be painted, stained, carved with moulding, or flat.

What are the reasons for using skirting boards at home?

Skirting boards serve a lot of homes. Here we are writing several important reasons why people use these boards into the house.

• Generally, people use skirting boards to hide unsightly gaps between the house wall and the floor. Actually, most construction workers cannot keep a proper alignment between the wall and the floor. It happens in most of the construction works. So, contractors come with the idea of using skirting boards to hide the gapping space. Instead of redoing the whole construction jobs, using these boards are the best solution for them. Skirting boards can end up the gaping space and give the wall a fantastic finish look.

• Skirting boards provide a buffer between the walls and the furniture. It can protect your beautifully painted walls from scratching and scuffs. These boards don’t allow your furniture to come close to the walls so that the walls are protected from creating unsightly scratches.

• Skirting boards hide your unsightly wiring. Of course, no one would like to see wires hanging from the ceiling or walls so obscenely and nakedly. Most of the contractor doesn’t want to place the wires in the ceiling, since one may have to break if these wires need repairing. So, hiding these wires behind the skirting boards is a great idea, and it is more economical as well as practical. That is why; now we can find many PVC skirting boards.

Final Words

To conclude, it can be said that skirtingboards are important for construction especially when it is about hiding gapping space between floors and walls. Also, these can increase the beauty of your home.